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Health Conditions and Nutrition

Beautiful Hair through Nutrition

Woman with long hair eating Healthy Meal

It doesn't matter if you want your hair to grow long, or be soft and silky or to stop breaking, or even to quit thinning. You might want your hair to be straighter, curly without the frizziness and tangles.  It doesn't matter your age or if you are a woman or a man. Everyone seems to want something different for their hair.

What is Insulin Resistance?

The Insulin Resistance Cycle

I have several family members and friends who have Insulin Resistance.  I decided to do some research on this. Remember that my research and blog is for information only.  It is up to you and your Dr., and/or Nutritionist to decide what is best for your health. That being said, I will include some links that you can look at for more information.

Why Do I need Potassium



In doing my blog on how salt affects your body, I found that Potassium was very important in controlling your blood pressure.  As Potassium helps to remove the excess salt from your system and helps prevent the damage to arteries and veins in your kidneys. This damage to your arteries and veins from too much salt and not enough potassium in your kidneys causes extra pressure in your arteries leading to high blood pressure and can lead to kidney damage.  Potassium can also reduce the risk of kidney stones.

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The Advice on this site is not meant to replace the advice of a physician or dietician.  Please consult a Doctor before starting any new diet plan.  Remember to tell your physician and pharmacist about any Supplements you may be taking.