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Fun Facts

Crepe is a French word meaning a very thin pancake. Almost every nationality in the world has some form of this thin pancake. In Germany, it is called Pfanne Kuchen. The Chinese have adapted this and fry it, we know it as the egg roll. In Hungary, it is known as a palcsinta, while in Italy, a cannelloni. We are familiar with the Mexican enchilada. Russia’s version is the blini. In Greece the krep this is the closest to the French crepe. In Scandinavian countries, you will find the plaettar. The Jewish have their blintz.

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Maple Syrup

Is Maple Syrup a good alternative to Sugar?

Is Maple sugar a good alternative to sugar? Unlike sugar Maple syrup has many nutrients. So in that sense, it is a good alternative to sugar. However not everyone like maple syrup in large quantities. In that case, you may have to use other substitutes such as honey or stevia. Maple Syrup can be substituted in baking equally to the sugar for example cup to cup. However, because it is a wet ingredient more flower may have to be used in the recipe.

Maple Syrup is made from the sap of sugar maple, black maple or red maple trees.

In Canada, the Canada Food Inspection Agency classifies Maple syrup as:

  • Golden – delicate taste

  • Amber – rich taste

  • Dark – robust

  • Very Dark – Strong

As a sugar substitute Maple sugar is the best.

In 1/4 cup it has 217 calories and only 54 grams of sugar. It can be used as a one on one sugar replacement in cooking and baking.

The fact that it comes from tree sap and is not refined further like sugar cane is means it retains many of the healthy nutrients. It contains the following:

  • 100% DV of Manganese

  • 37% DV of Riboflavin

  • 18% DV of Zinc

  • 5% DV of Calcium

  • 5% DV of Potassium

This wonderful syrup also contains 65 antioxidants

Interesting fact 71% of the worlds Maple syrup is produced in Canada and 91% of that is produced in Quebec.

Unlike pancake syrup, maple syrup is 100% pure with no additives or preservatives.

* This information came from the Health Canada Website as well as

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