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Fun Facts

The making of sausage dates back to around 850 BC on the Greek island of Salamis – where we get the word ‘salami’

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It would be great if our budgets allowed everyone to buy organic foods. However, the truth is that not everyone can afford to buy organic foods.

Organic foods have nutrients pumped into the soils through pipes. Some pesticides may be used to kill off pests around the root systems.

Natural farming is the best. Farmers use cow dung and natural plant mulch to provide nutrients for the crops. Cow dung also encourages the earthworms to multiply. Earthworms dig down 12-16 inches. They bring up dirt from the area that is rich in nutrients.

Ask your local farmer at the markets how they grow their food crops. You can go online to see if there are natural farming areas near you.

Non-organic foods are grown with Pesticides and Chemicals. They do not have as many nutrients. However, they do cost less.


# Cat Hat 2019-04-17 03:09
I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!!
I certainly loved every little bit of it.
I have you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post?
# Joan 2019-05-07 16:10
Thank you for your comment. I am happy to hear ou liked this blog.
I post blogs every Saturday. I really enjoy doing the research for them.
Please add comments to as many blogs as you wish.

Joan Lang
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