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Fun Facts

Crepe is a French word meaning a very thin pancake. Almost every nationality in the world has some form of this thin pancake. In Germany, it is called Pfanne Kuchen. The Chinese have adapted this and fry it, we know it as the egg roll. In Hungary, it is known as a palcsinta, while in Italy, a cannelloni. We are familiar with the Mexican enchilada. Russia’s version is the blini. In Greece the krep this is the closest to the French crepe. In Scandinavian countries, you will find the plaettar. The Jewish have their blintz.

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Jars of honey and a honey comb

Honey consists of a complex number of different sugars with 17 gms of Carbohydrates and 64 calories per Tablespoon, however, less honey is used compared to sugar due to its sweetness. Honey, unlike sugar, contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Antioxidants and phenolic acids are also found in Honey. Honey contains prebiotics which has been found effective in protecting gut health, especially when combined with yogurt.


A Study was done by the University of Utah, Salt Lake City Utah entitled

“Effects of Processing on The Pollen and Nutrient Content of Honey”

Published by the National Honey Board Concluded that 'Traditional commercial processing significantly reduced the pollen content of honey but did not significantly impact the vitamin or mineral content'


Canadian Honey and Products

Canadian Honey is well known for its high quality.

Certified Organic Honey

Under Canadian Law, only Honey that has been Certified Organic can have the word ‘Organic’ on the label.

In order for honey to be Certified Organic the following conditions must be met:

  • management of the honeybee colony should follow the principles of organic production
  • Wild plants and Organically produced plants and vegetables must be the source of the pollen and nectar.
  • At least a 3 km buffer area must separate the beehives from any non-organic plants or crops which contain chemicals, pesticides and/ or Genetically modified crops.

Unpasteurized honey has not been heated. Therefore it retains all of the Nutrients found in Natural honey. This honey also has no chemicals, artificial flavours, preservatives or colour added.


CAUTION: Do not feed honey to infants under one year of age. As their digestive systems are not fully developed.

See the recipe Honey Lemon Water

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