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Various Vitamin Pills

While doing some of my research over the past few months I came across several blogs about synthetic vitamins.  My questions were if synthetic Vitamins were as good as natural vitamins and how you could tell the difference.


My findings were as follows:

  1. What are synthetic vitamins?  The answer is pretty simple. Synthetic vitamins are developed in a lab.  They contain very little if any natural food.  
  2. Synthetic Vitamins are found in single vitamins such as Vitamin C, D, or E.  In natural foods these vitamins are found in combinations, which your body often needs for proper absorption and/or use in your system.


Synthetic vitamins produced in a lab are often chemically similar, or even the same as natural vitamins, but not enough research has been done to determine how well your body uses these vitamins.


For information on why not to buy synthetic vitamins, you can go to


For a very comprehensive, but somewhat confusing report on Natural and Synthetic Vitamins, you can visit  This site gave very in-depth research on both sides of the controversial subject on the uses of synthetic or natural vitamins. 


I have found an interesting article on how to tell if your vitamin supplement is natural or synthetic. 


The final point is that natural vitamins may be more expensive than synthetic vitamins.  My advice would be to ask your Dr. if you need any extra vitamin supplements. Then ask a dietitian, a Health Practitioner or your pharmacist for assistance in choosing the right product for you.


Warnings synthetic or natural supplements can have adverse side effects, as well as possible drug interactions.  So be sure to ask your pharmacist to check for any potential problems. Always notify your Dr. about any supplements you may be taking. 

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The Advice on this site is not meant to replace the advice of a physician or dietician.  Please consult a Doctor before starting any new diet plan.  Remember to tell your physician and pharmacist about any Supplements you may be taking.