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  •  Is Salt Bad for You?

    The age-old question about is salt bad for you and how much should you have is still being debated. The latest findings seem to indicate that a certain amount of salt is necessary. The latest hype is about what type of salt is the best. I have tried to answer this question. However, you need to make your own choices. Your choice of what type of salt to use maybe a personal thing, or it may be based on cultural or religious practices.   

    The amount of salt required in a day according to health Canada is 2300mg. The Canadian Heart Association also recommends this amount unless you have high blood pressure. That is about 1/2 tsp. This amount is higher than the American Heart Association recommends. We consume more than this if we eat processed foods. Be sure to read labels.

    Try to limit your salt intake. Eliminate processed food and fast foods from your diet. Remove the salt shaker from the table so you can't add extra salt to your food. Use spices in place of salt.  


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