Meal Kit

Planning your meals and doing your own shopping is, of course, the most cost-effective and efficient way of getting your food on the table.  However, many people find meal planning difficult and time to shop in today's hectic lifestyle is at a premium.  I have therefore created a list of meal planning and meal delivery services for Canada.  These are nation wife services and so there may be local ones that you would prefer you can do your own research.  NOTE: I am not making any money off of these services.

Meal Planning

Meal planning services help you pick menus and build your shopping lists.  They often offer customizable options for special diets and allergies. You can choose your province.  The varying plan levels may also include flyer lookups to help you choose sale items from your local grocery store(s) to save even more money. Links with  if it is available in your region to deliver your goods straight to your door.


Meal Delivery

Meal delivery services include the food, recipes and cooking instruction.  The following chart is from

Comparison of meal kits services in Canada

To be included in this comparison, businesses must deliver at home throughout Quebec and have been in service for at least 1 year. Companies meeting these criteria are: Cook It™, GoodFood™, Chefs plate™, MissFresh™ and HelloFresh™. If you notice an error, please contact us as soon as possible using the form at the bottom of this page. Only plans with recipe choices are considered. Other companies such as Evoilà5 offer similar services but on a local basis and without delivery service.