Joan on Nutrition


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Who Am I?

All About Joan

Joan 250pxI am a senior. I will be 70 Years Old in 2019.
I have been a widow for over 10 yrs. I have had many health problems, which helped me decide to become a Diet and Nutrition Life Coach. I am a Cancer survivor.
I raised two wonderful daughters. My husband both girls and I all had food sensitivities and allergies. This made it very interesting in discovering how to shop and cook for many different food-related problems. 
I worked in a number of jobs. I have a wide variety of Diplomas and Certificates. My latest Diploma which I received on Jan. 22, 2019. This diploma was in Diet Planning and Weight Management.  My list of certificates and diplomas can be found under my Qualifications.

My Qualifications

1. Ontario Honours Secondary Commercial Diploma

2. Computer Programming and Data Entry Diploma Herzing Institute

3. Home Support Worker Diploma St. Lawrence College

4. Life Skills Coaching Diploma St. Lawrence College

5. Community Enterprise Broker Certificate St. Lawrence College

6. Health and Life Coach Certification (accredited) Completed Jan. 13 2019

7. Distinction Diploma in Diet Planning and Weight Management CPD Accredited Completed Jan 22, 2019

Purpose of This Website

This website is designed to bring as much accurate information about Diets and Nutrition as possible. Where ever Medical and scientific research is looked at, I will give the most updated information that I could find. Scientific and medical research is ongoing therefore new research is not always available at the time I write my blog.

I am not a scientist, or in the medical field, however, I will provide information to help you increase your understanding of nutrition. You should always seek medical advice before making any dietary changes.

I try to show the differences between Canadian and USA food and nutrition Facts if I find evidence of any variance I follow Health Canada and the World Health Organization information and guidelines.

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The Advice on this site is not meant to replace the advice of a physician or dietician.  Please consult a Doctor before starting any new diet plan.  Remember to tell your physician and pharmacist about any Supplements you may be taking.